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Liri Ronen - Biography


Liri Ronen is a versatile and experienced young musician, who’s accumulated diverse styles and influences over years of performance, writing and arranging. He started playing French Horn at age 9, quickly followed by guitar and eventually piano. Playing classical music as well as folk and rock songs has led to a merged curiosity of music that exhibits the best of both worlds. Liri began to write music in high school, and while attending Bard College Conservatory for a classical performance degree, he also studied composition, orchestration and arrangement, and film scoring with Composer team James Sizemore and Howard Shore. He’s collaborated on numerous projects with the Film department at Bard as well as independent projects. In 2019 he started the “Oldies Band” club at Bard, which performed live covers of classic songs from the 50’s through the 70’s. Playing a mix of covers and originals has led to the creation of one of his iconic sets - affectionately called The Chesterfield Supper Club (after the iconic 40’s radio show hosted by Jo Stafford). This performance, which has been gracing weddings, gatherings and events across the Hudson Valley, includes classic recognizable songs and forgotten nostalgic tracks alongside original music that evokes a similar atmosphere.

Liri Ronen playing French horn
Liri Ronen playing guitar
Liri Ronen playing piano

Liri’s original music falls anywhere between rock or folk songs to full orchestral compositions; In the summer of 2022 his piece for Horn and Piano “Verdant Place” was featured in the International Horn Society Symposium, and in the summer of 2023 he ventured on a road trip tour with the band Fuel Allowance, in which they busked in the streets of iconic American cities to make enough gas money for their next destination, encircling the entire United states from East to South to West to North and back again. (To learn more about the journey click here.)

His greatest inspirations include: Maurice Ravel, Richard Strauss, The Beach Boys, The Association, Love, Jo Stafford & Paul Weston, Geva Alon, Kaveret and the Mendelssohn family. 

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