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French Horn


With a bachelor’s and an advanced performance degree in the instrument, my primary instrument has always been the French horn. The expressive capability of the horn is a coveted sound that has endured the test of time, despite the difficulty and temperament of the instrument itself.


After years of mentorship at the Bard College Conservatory from players at the Metropolitan Opera (including Barbara Jostlein Currie, Hugo Valverdes, Julie Landsman and Julia Pilant) I’ve gathered the musical experience and competence necessary to tackle any repertoire and opportunity for music making on the horn. Everything from orchestra, brass ensembles, mixed chamber groups, solo performances, vocalist collaboration, musical pit band, performance of new music and more.

Academic achievements on the horn include an America-Israel Cultural Institute excellence scholarship, 2nd place in the Uel Wade Music Competition, Bard Conservatory Concerto Competition finalist, the Bard Excellency in Brass award, and playing Principle horn of the Bard Philharmonic for an inaugural New Year’s concert in Hainan, China under Maestro Tan Dun.

Horn performance experience includes: Empire State Youth Orchestra, Bard Conservatory Orchestra and chamber ensembles, Bard Philharmonic, The Orchestra Now, New Jersey Symphony, Berkshire Bach Society, The Chelsea Symphony, Vienna Brass Band, and more.

Liri Ronen with French horn
Liri Ronen and Salome horn section
Liri Ronen and sextet
Studio Recordings and Sountracks

Having recorded for pop, country, folk, heavy metal, and more – I’ve gained a lot of experience playing and arranging instrumental parts for studio recordings. If you think you might want to add French Horn to your recorded music or film score, feel free to contact me and we can talk about the studio recording services that I can offer! Check out my Instagram page for some examples of arrangements showcasing the French Horn in action.

Contact me to inquire about availability!

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