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Music Lessons


With both classical and pop musical backgrounds, my teaching methods draw from a wealth of experience of rehearsal, performance, and private study. I offer private lessons on 3 instruments: French horn, piano, and guitar. For those delving into the horn, I will introduce the nuances that make music come alive, and help student find and cultivate their own unique tone. On the piano, we will explore a variety of genres, from classical pieces of composers such as Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, and Schumann to modern pop tunes from the great singer-songwriters of the 20th and 21st century. Guitar sessions touch upon foundational chords and scales, reading music in both tab and stave notation, and giving students the tools to express themselves in a variety of genres, from classical to rock. In addition, I find the implementation of basic theory and composition crucial for any musician, professional or hobbyist - as these are tools that allow the essence of musical tendencies and expression to surface, and can be utilized to expound on the student's understanding of their instrument and musicianship.

Above all, my teaching emphasizes not just technique, but the joy, fulfillment, energy and passion music can bring to our lives.

I teach students of all levels, beginner to advanced, both locally here in the Hudson Valley and remotely.

Contact me to inquire about availability!

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