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Musician. Horn, piano & guitar player. Composer & arranger.
DijonLiri Ronen
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The Fuel Allowance Tour


In summer of 2023, Liri Ronen along with Noam Kedem formed the band Fuel Allowance, a traveling group that embarked on a two month roadtrip across the United States. With their mobile setup, they took to the streets to busk for gas money towards their following destinations. While playing at a farmer's market in Chapel Hill, N.C. they encountered Dwarf Star Studios producer and engineer John May, who invited the band to record a track with him before heading west towards Nashville. The song "and climb" was written on the road, and was recorded in a live session on a Tuesday afternoon with Noam Kedem on guitar, Shaked Dai on bass, Omri Hill on drums and Liri Ronen on vocals and keys. 

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